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G2sday Roundup 11/19/19: Networking & Personal Branding

Anastasia Masters
Anastasia Masters  |  November 19, 2019

We’re switching it up with G2sday Roundup. We’ve brought together 30 articles to help you improve your networking and enhance your personal brand.

Consider yourself well-versed in networking or looking to brush up on your skills? Join our Twitter chat at 10 am CST on November 21st where we’ll discuss tips from these articles and personal experiences with personal branding and networking. Never participated in a twitter chat before? In short, we tweet out questions and chat with our audience about best practices and where we can all improve!

30 must-read articles on networking & personal branding

Below are 30 articles on networking and personal branding that provide you actionable tips to help improve your skills. It’s broken down into event networking, LinkedIn networking best practices, personal branding, some general networking tips, how to develop your skills, and we’ve even included a few that grabbed our eyes that don’t fit elsewhere. No matter where your networking skills stands, there’s something in here for you.

Ready to sharpen your networking game? Let’s go.

G2sday Roundup 11.19.19

General Networking

  • On PayScale, Gina Belli gives five networking tips for beginners that can help take your career to the next level.
  • G2’s Derek Doeing provides nine tips for how to network and breaks down how to implement them at any networking event.
  • For The New York Times, Sree Sreenivasan created a guide on how to use social media in your career to enhance your networking and personal brand.
  • The more experienced networker can look at Mary Flaherty’s 10 ways to improve their networking skills on the RAIN Group’s blog.
  • Michael Mink advises readers to get personal when networking in order to build relationships that pay off on Investor’s Business Daily.

Networking on LinkedIn

  • Hubspot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener compiled a master list of over 20 tips to maximize your LinkedIn page potential and maximize it for networking.
  • Kristina Nauman dives into the details on how to network on LinkedIn for G2’s Learning Hub.
  • Find nine examples of messages you can send on LinkedIn to effectively network yourself in Aleen Zakka’s article on LinkedIn.
  • On Recruiter’s site, Bob McIntosh explains five steps to take when using LinkedIn to network for a job.
  • Liz Li defines the five types of connections you need in your LinkedIn network to kick-start the value of the platform on FastCompany.

Personal Branding

  • Learn why you need a personal business card and what is crucial to include on it in Kit Warchol’s article on Career Contessa.
  • Sara Wolkiewicz explores five ways to rock your personal brand on Twitter on Mention’s blog.
  • On G2’s Learning Hub, Natasa Djukanovic discusses five tips to making your personal brand stand out.
  • All eyes on 2020 in John Hall’s piece analyzing personal branding trends that should be on your radar for next year on Inc.
  • Alyse Kalish highlights how to use Instagram for personal branding without feeling fake on The Muse.

Event Networking

  • Get prepared for your next networking event by learning how to leverage your business card as a powerful networking tool in Alyssa Gregory’s article on The Balance Small Business.
  • Matt Southern for Search Engine Journal supplies readers with information on LinkedIn’s new tool for planning in-person networking events.
  • On Ladders, Hilarey Wojtowicz teaches readers six ways how to make the most of any networking event.
  • Follow Tesni Patching’s advice for post-event networking to create lasting relationships on G2’s Learning Hub.
  • Hosting a networking event? Bizzabo’s Catalina Guerra has 20 tips for encouraging event attendees to network and have fun.

Personal Development

  • On Entrepreneur, R.L. Adams, provides 10 powerful business networking skills you can work on to build rapport with others quickly.
  • Dive into the difference between hard skills and soft skills and why it’s necessary to have both and how to assess your levels in Devin Pickell’s article on G2’s Learning Hub.
  • Bidsketch's Gregory Ciotti breaks down eight networking skills that every professional needs to have.
  • Columbia University’s Career Center lists seven common networking mistakes to avoid.
  • On his Positivity Blog, Henrik Edberg identifies 18 ways that you can improve your body language.

Grab Bag

  • Setting goals is crucial for everything including networking. Check out how to use a goal setting worksheet to reach your potential in Mary Clare’s article on G2’s Learning Hub.
  • Project Manager’s John Leo Weber shares best networking tips from 10 business professionals.
  • Grow your sales pipeline through business networking by reading Ryan Robinson’s tips on Close.
  • Learn about the surprising power of questions in Alison Wood Brooks and Leslie K. John’s article on Harvard Business Review.
  • Looking for specific tips on personal branding for a designer? Dawson Whitfield has you covered on G2’s Learning Hub.

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Anastasia Masters

Anastasia Masters

Anastasia Masters is a Content Marketing Associate at G2 focusing on all things marketing. Hailing from Michigan, she graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in history. In her spare time, Anastasia enjoys eating her way through Chicago's different neighborhoods, exploring new places to visit across the globe, and watching UMich sports. (she/her/hers)