G2sday Roundup: August 6, 2019

Anastasia Masters
Anastasia Masters  |  August 6, 2019

From Poshmark’s data breach to the trending volunteer time off to learning how to target potential customers using neuromarketing, a lot of content was published this week.

30 articles you need to read this week

We brought together 30 articles from the last week that you absolutely cannot miss. The articles below will keep you updated on everything from hr, marketing, design and product, sales, development and engineering, and even a few random articles that we found elsewhere. Stay up-to-date on what you need to know from the last week in this week’s G2sday Roundup.



  • On his blog, Robbie Richards provides five simple steps for completing a SEO competitor analysis along with a template and examples.
  • Daniella Alscher gives a brief overview of UTM codes on G2’s Learning Hub including an overview, how to use them in Google Analytics, and crucial mistakes to avoid.
  • Doug Zanger for AdWeek discusses Twitter’s advertising campaign that took real tweets that celebrated individuality and turned them into advertisements in subway stations in New York and San Francisco.
  • Influencer MarketingHub created an influencer tool that shows an estimate of earnings from an Instagram post based off of engagement and followers.
  • Softcube’s copywriter, Igor Bydrink, shares four tools for creating a marketing attribution model in order to read and understand website traffic on Serpstat.


  • Rebecca Reynoso explains how to use chatbot marketing in your e-commerce store in order to better connect with your customers and stay relevant in the sphere in her article for ReadyCloud.
  • Learn how to capitalize on the middle of your sales funnel and help minimize the number of deals that fall apart with three tips from Jessie Coan on Aberdeen.
  • Single Grain’s Eric Siu chats about why people refuse to say “no” when they should and the benefits that can come with rejection.
  • In her piece for G2’s Learning Hub, Charlotte Powell defines an elevator pitch and gives instructions on how to create one for your product.
  • Sam Hurley for PostFunnel explores three “hacks” that target the brains of customers in order to have the maximum chance of conversion.

Design & Product

  • In Carrie Mihalcik’s piece for Cnet, the author discusses the newly proposed Senate bill, the SMART Act, that would limit the infinite scroll feature present on social media platforms.
  • Follow a few design tips from Payman Taei on Noupe in order to embrace a minimalist marketing design in order to better brand and target your audience.
  • David Nield’s article on Gizmodo dives into what a time-of-flight sensor is and why it matters for the new iPhone.
  • On the Aha! Blog, Brian de Haaff explains the differences between product managers and product marketing managers in regards to the different requirements that their roles entail.
  • Liane Yvkoff warns readers that they may be waiting for a while for government approval for Netflix and YouTube streaming in self-driving Tesla vehicles in an article on Forbes.

Development & Engineering

  • Michael Kan for PCmag provides information about Poshmark’s data breach and gives information for the data compromised due to this fault in security.
  • G2’s Mara Calvello gives eight best practices that when implemented can strengthen data security and can help your organization avoid a data breach.
  • Adobe Experience Platform’s new features designed for data scientists are explained in Sabrina Polin’s article on TechTarget.
  • Vox’s Kaitlyn Tiffany advises FaceApp users to limit the privacy concerns over apps such as FaceApp since often these concerns are blown out of proportion.
  • Learn how to identify and reduce render-blocking resources in order to optimize your web page in Abby Hamilton’s article on SearchEngine Journal.


  • Lauren Pope on G2’s Learning Hub explains why volunteer time off is the next trending thing for employee benefits and how to identify if implementing it is right for your business.
  • Follow a few best practices to learn how to plan the best offsite meeting in Brian Anderson’s complete guide on Bonusly’s blog.
  • Sofia Tzima creates a compelling argument for why organizations need to redefine confidence in the workplace in her article on Intercom.
  • Identify if your company’s knowledge sharing process is broken and finds four potential fixes in Jason R. Hahn’s piece for Igloo Software’s blog.
  • Tackle the issue of employee burnout with Asana’s new feature Workload that helps identify workers that carry heavier loads than their peers in Paul Sawers’s discussion on VentureBeat.

Grab bag

  • Silicon Valley’s tech titans, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Tim Cook, and more, give their favorite summer reading books in Business Insider.
  • Finding your first job after college is no easy task, but Hubspot’s Stacy Pollack makes it easy with advice on how to tackle your first month of job searching.
  • Details about Instagram deleting dozens of meme accounts without any warning is discussed by Alex Cooke on Fstoppers.
  • Vox’s podcast, Recode Decode, chats about textbook maker Person’s decision to move to focus on digital textbooks.
  • Daisy Jones on Vice reminsces on Instagram before the age of influencers and how the platform has shifted to its current state.

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Anastasia Masters

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