How to Schedule Gmail Emails on Desktop and Mobile

April 19, 2019

Long gone are the days where you need to use third-party plug-ins in order to schedule emails in your Gmail account.

In the latest Gmail update, Google released the ability to schedule emails to send at a later time. This allows for you to send your responses at a time you deem appropriate. 

Email is an essential part of business internal communication and scheduling emails can help you better communicate with your team. Say you want to send a weekly update email to your team but have too much on your plate to manually send it. You now have the ability in Gmail to schedule that email to arrive in their inbox at 9:00 am Monday morning. 

Scheduling emails in your Gmail account for a future date

Google has made it a seamless process to schedule emails. Keep reading so you can follow the simple steps to schedule your Gmail emails to deliver at a later date.

Schedule Gmail EmailsCourtesy of Google

Desktop scheduling on Gmail emails

1. Compose your email

Write your email or email response on the Gmail website as you would normally do. Make sure to include any attachments or images that you want to send at this time.

2. Ready to schedule? Click the arrow next to the send button

After your email is set all written and you’re ready to schedule, look towards the bottom of your screen. Next to the send button, you should see a blue button with an arrow pointing downwards. If you don’t see this, the feature hasn’t rolled out for you quite yet. Google is slowly releasing this feature across all accounts to ensure a smooth deployment.

How to schedule gmail emails

 3. Select “Schedule send”

Once you click the blue arrow, there is only one option that appears “Schedule send.” Click this button and a pop-up will appear on your screen. 

schedule send button in gmail

 4. Choose when to schedule

The pop-up that appears will contain a list of suggested times for you to send your email. You can choose one of the suggested times or select a time and date of your own. Choose the time that works best for you. 

choosing time to schedule email

 5. That’s it!

After you choose a time, your email is all set and will send to your recipients at the time you chose. 

If you want to edit, cancel, or just check on your schedule emails, locate the “Scheduled” folder on the left side of the screen with your other folders. 

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Schedule your Gmail emails on the mobile app

Many of us send emails from our phones on our commute, at lunch, or even on the weekends. The process for scheduling an email in Gmail is pretty similar on desktop and mobile application.

1. Compose your email

On the Gmail application, write your email or email response as you normally would. Make sure the specify recipients and include all attachments and images in our email at this time.

2.Once you’re all set, click the three dots on the top right corner of your screen

Instead of clicking the arrow to send your email, choose the three dots located to the right of the arrow. This will allow for a menu to populate on your screen with more options.

schedule email in gmail on mobile

 3.Select “Schedule send”

On the bottom of your screen, a menu with different options should appear. Click “Schedule send” from the top to plan a date and time for your message to be delivered.

mobile schedule gmail email4.Select the time and date

Another pop-up menu will appear over your email. Gmail will suggest a few times for you to send your email. However, you are free to choose whatever time is best for you. 

choose time to schedule email gmail app5. You’re ready!

Once you click on the appropriate time, your email is all set and is Gmail is scheduling your message to delivered when you chose. 

If you want to make any changes, cancel, or check on your scheduled emails, go to your folders on the app and click on the “Scheduled” folder. You’ll find all your scheduled emails there. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Scheduling emails can save you the time and effort it takes to remember to send an email when you want people to see it. It can also help make sure your email isn’t lost in messy inboxes. Email communication isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so use Gmail email scheduling to help make your email sending process simple! 

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