How to Print Notes in PowerPoint

Grace Pinegar
Grace Pinegar  |  September 5, 2019

For the most part, we are not stand-up comedians.

We shouldn’t grab a microphone, get on stage, and hope we remember the order of words scribbled down in a beat-up notebook.

We are business professionals. And as such, we do better when our notes are with us every time we are giving an important presentation.

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With PowerPoint presentations, you can create notes for each slide that help you remember what points to hit when they appear on the screen.

But did you know you can print these notes out ahead of time and go in with physical copies? In this article, I’ll tell you how.

How to print notes in PowerPoint

You may think, “I don’t need to print my notes; they’re on the screen!” But we’ve all been observers of a presentation wherein the presenter wasted 15 minutes of our time at the beginning, fiddling with the computer to no avail.

The truth is that technology does not always do what we’d like for it to, and having a paper copy (or two, or three) of your work helps you avoid the drama and embarrassment of a technical difficulty.

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1. Create a presentation with notes

The first step is, obviously, to create your presentation and add notes in the text box below the edited slides.

Here is an example of my presentation, with the notes at the bottom:

powerpoint presentation with notes

For those who can’t read 0.4 size font, it says, “Don’t forget to tell them that he was actually born in New Zealand, NOT Australia.” It is very important to be factually accurate when giving a professional presentation.

2. Click “view” and then “notes page”

On the top menu pane, click “View” and then select “Notes Page.”

view notes page in powerpoint

This will show you a condensed look of the slides with notes underneath. This is how my second slide looks in the “Notes Page” view. It includes the image and a page number so I’m clear on what slide is being referenced, and then has all of my written notes underneath.

print preview of powerpoint notes

It’s important you have data to back-up your assertions. In this presentation, I ask the question, “Why do I love Keith Urban?” and then present people with specific reasons, as you see listed in my notes.

3. Click “File, Print” and under layout select “Notes”

Go to the top of the page and select “File, Print” as you would with any other presentation. Under the “Layout” tab, ensure you’ve selected “Notes.” Otherwise, you’ll wind up printing the actual slides as though you mean to distribute them.

print powerpoint notes

Additionally, be sure to print them in black and white to conserve ink and energy.

Hope you took notes

Printing out notes for your PowerPoint presentations is an easy way to make yourself look more professional and prepared in front of any audience. Take ten minutes before you go up and pitch your solution (or relay facts about one of the greatest country rock stars of all time) and save yourself from any digital struggle.

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Grace Pinegar

Grace Pinegar

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