How to Mute Words on Twitter (No More Spoiling of Shows and Movies)

Devin Pickell
Devin Pickell  |  April 22, 2019

We’ve all had an episode of our favorite show or a blockbuster movie spoiled for us because of Twitter.

Yeah, it sucks, but one of Twitter’s more hidden features is to prevent this kind of spoiling from happening. This feature is called “muted words,” and I’m here to shed light on how it works for both mobile and desktop users.

How to mute words on Twitter (mobile)

Because most of Twitter’s users are on mobile, let’s go over its process for muting words. See the steps below:

The option to mute words may seem pretty hidden, but the whole process takes less than a minute. Seriously, see how quickly you can navigate to this feature.

Now onto the desktop method.

How to mute words on Twitter (desktop)

In the office and don’t have time to pull out your phone? Co-workers can’t stop chatting about last night’s episode? Throw on your headphones and follow the steps below:

Muting words from your desktop is actually a couple of steps quicker than doing it on your iPhone or Android.

6 tips for muting words on Twitter

When it comes to muting words on Twitter, you still have an array of customization options at your disposal. Check out these tips to get the most out of this unique feature.

Tip 1: Muting is case-sensitive

Take this into account when muting words and phrases. If it’s a show, movie, or topic you really care about NOT getting spoiled, consider taking to extra time to input upper and lower case words.

Tip 2: Hashtags are included

You should have peace of mind knowing that in addition to the word, its hashtag will automatically be muted as well. For example, both Avengers and #Avengers.

Tip 3: Select which accounts to mute

There are two options for muting accounts. You can either mute those you don’t follow, which means you’re putting trust in your friends to not spoil anything, or you can mute everyone tweeting your muted words. I’d go with the latter option just in case.

Tip 4: Include characters if you feel necessary

Another method of muting is typing in character options paired with your keywords. For example, G@me 0f Thr0ne$.

Tip 5: Mute Twitter emails for good measure

If one of your day-to-day email accounts is linked to Twitter, you should consider muting email notifications for good measure. This will act as a fail-safe.

Read our 2-minute guide on stopping Twitter emails.

Tip 6: Time lengths for muting

When muting a word or phrase, Twitter will set its muting length to “forever.” You have three other options for time lengths.

  • 24 hours from now
  • 7 days from now
  • 30 days from now

Taking extreme caution

If you absolutely cannot trust yourself or Twitter when it comes to spoiling a show, movie, or topic, you can simply delete or temporarily deactivate your Twitter account. This guide on deleting Twitter will show you how in under 3 minutes.

Devin Pickell

Devin Pickell

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