How to Forward in Gmail: 4 Easy Ways

September 3, 2019

Some things are meant to be shared.

Like a milkshake in a diner or a large popcorn at the movies, you can also share an email that is sent to you by forwarding it to another person. If you’re using Gmail and aren’t sure how to forward an email, you’re not alone. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

For more details around each of these steps, plus screenshots, keep reading.

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Option one: Click the three dots

First, open the email message you’d like to forward. Then, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

Click Three Dots in Gmail


Tip: In the Gmail app, these three dots will be horizontal instead of vertical.

In the drop-down list of options, click Forward.

Click Forward in Gmail

Next, enter the email address you’re forwarding the message to in the top of the email box. When you’re done, click Send.

Forwarding in Gmail

Option two: One-click action buttons

One of the ways that Google has made Gmail easier to navigate is by adding one-click action buttons to email messages.

When you open an email, you should see one-click action buttons that say Reply and Forward. Click the Forward button to forward the email.

One-click action buttons in Gmail


Just like in option one, you’ll then type in the email address you’re forwarding the message to. Then, click Send.

How to Forward in Gmail


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Option 3: Automatic forwarding

If you know that emails from a specific address will always need to be forwarded, you can make the process automatic. To do so, log into your Gmail account and click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and click Settings.

Gmail Settings

From the top menu, choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then, click Add a forwarding address.

Add a forwarding address in Gmail

From the pop-up, enter the email address you want to forward messages to. Click Next, then Proceed, then Okay.

Enter forwarding address in Gmail

A verification email will be sent to that email address. In that email account, click the verification link. In a new window, click Confirm.

Refresh your browser and then set up what you’d like to happen with the copy of the emails. In the example below, I have chosen to keep a copy in my inbox. Scroll to the bottom and select Save Changes.

Forwarding Gmail rules


Tip: To undo automatic forwarding, click Disable Forwarding and then Save Changes.

Option 4: Forwarding multiple emails in Gmail

Need to forward multiple emails at once and want to save yourself some time? You can do it simply with the Multi Forward for Gmail Chrome Extension. Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’ll see the black arrow at the top of your Chrome browser.

In Gmail, select the emails you would like to forward, then click the black arrow next to the Trash Can icon.

Click Black Arrow

In the pop-up window, type the email address you’d like to forward the emails to. Then, click Multi-Forward. Those emails will then be sent in bulk.

Click Multi-Forward

Pass it on

When an email is sent to you that you’d like to share with someone else, knowing how to forward in Gmail is bound to come in handy. No matter which of the options you use to do so, once you hit send, it’s outta sight - outta mind!

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