How To Delete Your Skype Account (5 Simple-ish Steps!)

May 29, 2019

It’s understandable why companies like Skype make it difficult to delete your account.

The business of Skype is to gain accounts not to lose them.

 However, the steps for deleting a Skype account are more convoluted than most and can be pretty frustrating. This is because your Skype account is directly linked to your Microsoft account, so deleting your Skype account will also remove access to your Outlook inbox, OneDrive documents, and other accounts tied to Microsoft.

Although Skype is a great video conferencing software for businesses and individuals to use, there may come a time when you no longer need an account if there are duplicate accounts or if you don’t need video conferencing anymore. 

This multistep process needs more explaining than most account deletion processes. So let’s dive in so you can delete your Skype account with ease… sort of.

How to delete your Skype account

Since your Skype account is linked to your Microsoft account, you typically have to remove your payment methods and other important account details, then you can proceed with deleting your Skype account. There is no action in settings that allows you to delete your Skype account with the click of a button.

Before proceeding to the following steps, do these things before closing your Skype account for good:

  • Remove identifiable details/personal information from your account
  • Cancel active subscriptions and request a refund
  • Save all files, emails, and contacts you may need in the future
  • Set your status to “Offline” or “Invisible”
  • Sign out of Skype on all of your devices

Step 1: Visit Microsoft’s account closure page

Go to Microsoft’s account closure page to begin the process of deleting your Skype account.

Skype account closure page

Step 2: Verify your identity

Open your email that is tied to your Skype account and type in the security code. Click Verify.

email with a security code to delete Skype account

Step 3: Double-check before proceeding

Ensure you’re ready to delete your Skype account by checking the list of things to do before you close. Then, click Next.

Before proceeding to the following steps, do these things before closing your Skype account for good:

Before you delete your Skype account

TIP: You have 60 days after closing your account to change your mind.

Step 4: Review for closure

Now, you must read through the below list and checkboxes to acknowledge that you’ve reviewed the effects of deleting your Skype account. After, select your reason for closing your Skype account.

 review and select boxes before closing your Skype account

Click Mark account for closure to complete the process.

Step 5: Click Done

Finally, after verifying multiple times that you are absolutely positive that you want to delete your Skype account, it’s deactivated. By clicking Done you return to the sign-in page and are finished with the process.

Delete your Skype account

Deleting a Skype business account

If you wish to delete your Skype for Business account, reach out to the account administrator so they can handle the deletion process as it is more complicated than deleting a personal account.

Moving onwards and upwards

Deleting a Skype account is quite the process, but hopefully, this article helped check off one more thing on your to-do list. If you followed these steps correctly, then you’re currently living Skype-free.

What did you love about Skype and what opportunities does the product have? We’re always looking for consumer reviews on top-ranked software like Skype.

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