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3 Ways to Delete a Page in Google Docs

May 9, 2019

Writing is hard enough, especially when having to tackle formatting issues.

Deleting an unwanted or extra page is a formatting problem that commonly arises when creating a document. Fortunately, deleting pages in Google Docs and editing similar software like Google Sheets is very simple and there are multiple ways to go about it.

How to delete a page in Google Docs

Looking for a shortcut? We've got you covered.

For more details on how to delete a page on Google Docs, follow this step-by-step guide:

Option one: Highlight and delete

I would consider this first option to be the simplest. To start, place your cursor at the top of the page. From there, highlight the entire page by holding down the cursor and drag to the bottom of the page. Once the page is highlighted, simply press delete and your unwanted page will disappear.


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Option two: adjust the margins

You can also delete a page in Google Docs by adjusting the margins. An unwanted page can sometimes occur if the margins at the bottom of the page are too big. By making the margins smaller and you should be able to eliminate any extra spacing.

Tip: Learn how to change margins in Google Docs here.

Option three: Remove a page break

Unintentionally inserting a page break is another reason why an unwanted page may be created. To remove the page break from your document, place your cursor in front of the first letter on the page and press delete. From there, your document should return to the correct amount of pages.

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You’ve successfully deleted a page in Google Docs

One of those methods should have worked for you and now you can continue on working without an extra page getting in the way.

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