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How to Delete a Facebook Group

January 15, 2019

Being that Facebook has been around for more than a decade, you’re probably a part of some groups you’ve long forgotten about.

I had Facebook through middle school, high school, and college, and I still get notifications from my 10th grade Habitat for Humanity Club group.

If you’re like me, you’re ready to say goodbye to some of these old groups.

People clean up their Facebooks for many reasons. Maybe that club disbanded, the soccer team no longer meets, or the Facebook business page is no longer a relevant source of information.

No matter the reason for deleting a Facebook group, the process is the same. Follow the steps below to easily remove a Facebook group from the internet and carry on about your business.

How to delete a Facebook group

First and foremost, let’s discuss the difference between a Facebook profile, page, and group. 

A Facebook profile regards an individual’s personal account. This is your personal account, your mom’s profile, or your friend’s profiles. Personal profiles do not endorse anything, but, rather, are used as a social account. 

Facebook pages are for businesses, celebrities, product brands, charitable causes, politicians, etc. They are created to make the aforementioned brands or products more accessible, as well as provide information surrounding a business’s hours, phone number, reviews, etc.

Facebook groups are digital spaces for like-minded people to gather. Groups can be private or public, depending on the administrator’s settings choices. Groups can exist for any reason: to connect colleagues, to share dog photos, to raise money, to coordinate an event, etc. 

If you want to delete an old facebook group, follow these three steps below.

1. Find “Groups”

Login to Facebook and go to the homepage. Look at the menu on the left. Underneath “explore,” you’ll see a “Groups” tab. Click this, and find the group you wish to delete. 

Facebook groups tab


It’s important to know that you can’t delete a group unless you were the first administrator, or creator, of that group or if the creator has already left the group on their own volition.

If these titles do not apply, you will not be able to complete the following steps.

2. Delete members individually

Within the chosen group, click “members.” 

find members


Click on the ellipsis next to each member’s name and select “remove from group.”


remove members from group


Repeat this step for every member in the group. (If it’s a large group, you’ll need to allot a good amount of time to doing this.)

3. Remove yourself from the group

In the same way you deleted individual members, go ahead and remove yourself from the group by selecting “leave group. 

If you have successfully deleted all other members of the group, your departure will end the group itself. Before deleting the group completely, you’ll receive the following message:

remove self from group


If you have failed to remove all other members, removing yourself will mean the admin role is transferred, and the group continues to exist. If the above message is not the message you receive when going to leave yourself, you have not finished deleting all other members.

Tidying up

It’s a new year, and we’re all looking to say goodbye to things that no longer serve us. Cleaning out old Facebook groups can feel cathartic and ensure there’s no activity in a group you no longer wish to monitor. 

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If you’ve been bingeing Marie Kondo lately like me, you can appreciate the art of having a clean space — physically and digitally. So, go through those old high school clubs, or even more recent professional pages, and throw out what you no longer use.

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