How to Add Someone on WhatsApp in 4 Simple Steps

May 31, 2019

WhatsApp is a communication platform that allows users to call, text and video chat through an internet connection as opposed to their regular cell phone service.

People use WhatsApp to communicate with people who live in other countries. If you have a partner, family member, or friend living abroad, this app makes it possible to affordably communicate anywhere you have a wifi connection.

It could also be used as part of your internal communication plan if your organization has locations around the world. 

To communicate with those people, however, they have to be friends with you on the app. Read this article to learn how to add friends on WhatsApp so you can stay in touch for the long term.

How to add someone on WhatsApp

You add someone on WhatsApp in the same way you add them to your phone contacts: by creating a new contact for them with their phone number.

Yes, that’s right: in order to add someone on WhatsApp, you have to have their phone number. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Open up “Chats”

Make sure you have WhatsApp downloaded and have created your account. In order to begin talking with people, open up the “Chats” window.

open chats on whatsapp

2. Begin a new chat

To begin a new chat, click on the icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

Tip: If you already have someone’s contact information, and they already have a WhatsApp profile, you don’t need to worry about adding them! You can simply click on their name and open a new chat.

Otherwise, you’ll have to add people manually. Begin by selecting “New Contact.” 

new chat on whatsapp

3. Create a new contact

Add all of the contact information for that person. Keep in mind that if they are in a different country, you will have to enter that in their contact information. Different countries have different country codes which help determine where to send your correspondence. 

create a new contact on whatsapp

4. Message your friend

Once you’ve saved their contact information, you’re ready to chat. Simply search their name in your contacts list, click on their name, and a new chat window appears. You can begin texting or calling them just as would over the phone! 

send message on whatsapp

Now you know what’s up

Now that you know how to add new friends, you’re ready to get chattin’ with anyone, anywhere. Have fun, and tell ‘em I said hi!

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