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A Guide to Adding Footers in Google Docs (+How to Format Footers)

June 10, 2019

Need to bring clarity to your document? Try adding a footer.

Footers, which are found in the bottom margin of the page, generally include page numbers, dates, references, a company graphic, or any other extraneous details. While they are typically used in an academic or professional context, you can also implement footers as a personal preference.

Using Google Docs? Keep reading to learn how to add footers into your Doc.

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How to insert a footer in Google Docs

While Google doesn’t automatically insert footers for users, you can add them into your Google Doc by following these simple steps.

1. Select “Insert”, then find “Header & page number”

To start, locate the menu laid out horizontally across the top of your document and click “Insert.” From there, a drop-down menu will appear, then find the “Header & page number” option.

2. Hover your mouse over “Header & page number” and choose “Footer”

Once you find “Header & page number,” hover your mouse over the button until a secondary menu appears. From that menu, click “Footer.”

insert footer

3. Type your desired text and hit “esc” on your keyboard

Congrats! You now have footnotes in your Google Doc. Next, type the text you may need within your footer.

footer text

To close the footer, find the “esc” button in the top left-hand corner of your keyboard. You can also exit the footer by clicking anywhere in the body of your document.

Tip: Make a mistake along the way? Learn how to delete a page in Google Docs.

How do you format footers in Google Docs?

You can use all of the same formatting options that are available for the body of your text to also modify the format of your footer. Utilize the toolbar at the top of your screen to make any style changes to the font or alignment of the text within your footer.

However, if you want to change the margins of your footer follow these simple steps.

Tip: Having other issues with your formatting? Learn how to change margins in Google Docs.

1. Click “Format” then choose “Header & footers...”

From the menu bar at the top of your document find and click “Format.” From there, a drop-down menu will appear and click on the option labeled “Header & footers…”

format footers

2. Adjust the footer size and click “Apply”

Once you click on “Header and footers…” a pop-up box will appear on the screen. In the text box next to “Footer” enter your desired margin size. Next, click the “Apply” button and you will see that your footer size automatically changes.

footer format box

Tip: To skip step one, click the blue “Options” button in the top right-hand corner of the “Footer” box.

Congrats, you’ve successfully added footers in Google Docs!

Now that you understand how to implement footers, I encourage you to continue to experiment with the different ways that they can enhance your content. Maybe even mess with the margins or double space your document for better readability. 

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