How Much Is a PO Box? (+3 Steps on How to Rent One)

September 12, 2019

Lost mail causes stress, wastes money, and takes up time.

PO Boxes relieve most of the worries associated with receiving mail. A PO Box, or Post Office Box, is a locked mailbox that can only be accessed by key or personal code, making it more secure than a mailbox located at a home.

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How much is a PO Box?

I wish there were a simple answer, but as with any aspect of the USPS, there are many factors that go into the pricing of a PO Box. There are three elements that together determine the specific price of the PO Box in which you’re interested— size, duration, and location. Together these variables determine the cost of a PO Box.

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PO Box size

The size of the PO Box you choose can be the biggest factor when figuring out the price. There are five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, however not all post offices have all of these sizes. Additionally, the depth of almost all PO Boxes is 14.75”.

PO Box Sizes

PO Box rental length

You can get a PO Box and pay for it in three, six, or twelve-month periods. The longer you choose to have your mailbox, the lower the cost per month. In order to get a PO Box, you have to pay in full upfront. Be sure to consider the duration period when calculating how much your PO Box will cost.

PO Box location

PO Box prices depend on the location of the post office. PO Box prices are divided by zip codes and then given a specific fee group number. If the post office is small and located in a densely populated area where PO Boxes are in higher demand, then the price will increase. Large metropolitan areas pose a greater need for PO Boxes because apartment buildings are typically less secure than homes.

Why do I need a PO Box?

Now that you know what a PO Box is and the variables that go into the cost, it’s time to figure out if you can benefit from purchasing one. There are two main reasons for getting a PO Box – security and permanency.


Most mailboxes in a home are located outside the building.are for mail to get delivered directly into your home. If it does, then you’re lucky, but if not, a PO Box is a mail location you can depend on. Another plus is that since the PO Box is physically located in a post office, it’s monitored and only accessed with your key or combination.

For people who run businesses out of their homes, or if you’re just a more private person, a PO gives you the ability to keep your home address private. A PO Box comes with an entirely new address so you don’t have to worry about the wrong person getting your personal information.


I’ve lived at five different addresses over the last 4 years. This has made it particularly tricky to keep updating every different account I have to the new address. A PO Box takes this stress away by providing you with a permanent address, even if you’re away from home a lot, or moving you’ll always have a place to come get your mail.

How to rent a PO Box

Renting a PO Box is the easy part. Use these three steps and you’ll have a PO Box before you know it.

1. Determine the size, duration, and location

This is the most important step as it will establish the price of your PO Box.

2. Visit the USPS PO Boxes Online page to sign up

The link above will have you enter your address, from there you pick a store. After, you click on the box size you’d like and the duration. Seriously, it’s that simple. From there you’ll be directed to make an account and prove your identity with the Form 1583.

3. Change your addresses

Now you have a PO Box and can go ahead and update your address to redirect mail to your new address.

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Premium PO Box Service

This may come as a surprise, but premium PO Box services aren’t something you pay more for, it’s actually just premium services that the post office offers when you purchase a PO Box.

Here are the free premium service options:

  • A real street address included
  • Signature kept on file so you don’t always have to sign for packages
  • One month of free service when you pay for a 12-month rental period
  • No key deposit for the first two keys
  • Access to the PO Box lobby for extended hours
  • Earlier pickup times

Do your research

Long story short, PO Boxes vary in price depending on size, duration, and location. As long as you do your research and take these three things into account when inquiring about a PO Box, there will be no surprises, only security.

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