9 Healthy Habits to Adopt in 2020

December 17, 2018

I’ll be the first to admit – every year when the new year rolls around, I make big plans to work on a “better me” only to get caught up on what a “better me” actually means.

Let’s be real, we all do it. 

But this year I took the time to compile a (long-overdue) list of things that I want to focus on to keep me firing on all cylinders in 2020 – and I think they’ll help you, too.

What does your 2020 need? Some work on time management? A little less social media? Whatever it may be, these nine tips will get you started on a year full of a better you.

Healthy habits for 2020

Ready to rock 2020? Here are some healthy habits to start making today:

1. Get more sleep

I’m sure you know from personal experience that lack of sleep can affect your mood and ability to concentrate. But, did you know that it also affects things like your immune system, increases your risk for heart disease, and causes high blood pressure? To name a few. Yep – not getting enough sleep not only hurts you from day to day, but it contributes to long-term health issues, too. So spare yourself the high blood pressure and weight gain, and aim to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Wondering how to get a jumpstart on your healthy sleep habits? Try using a sleep app on your mobile device to help track and improve your sleep.

2. Plan to eat well

This may seem like a no-brainer when talking about “healthy” habits, but yet it’s one that many of us struggle to actually successfully maintain. Eating healthy can be difficult when there’s a new fast food joint going up on every corner, but if you plan to eat well, it’s easier to fight the temptations.

A great way to save time and get healthy – a meal planning app! By planning out your meals and snacks for the week, you’ll be able to eat healthier and watch calories, all with a free app. You’ll also be more likely to stay on track with your goals when temptations both on the go and at work arise, knowing that you have your meals and snacks decided on already.

Another way to help sustain healthy eating habits is to keep healthy snacks at home and at work, so when you are feeling like you need a little refuel, you’re giving your body the proper energy.

3. Get moving

If you think you’re going to struggle with the first two I mentioned, this one will help! Did you know that exercise offers benefits like a boosted metabolism and better sleep? In fact, early morning workouts are proven to boost your energy, focus, and self-discipline throughout the day. And those are just a couple of the perks of exercise, actually.

If you find yourself unable to find time to work out during your busy day, try something simple, like getting up and walking around your office can help. Consider downloading a free fitness app on your IOS or Android device to keep you motivated, or challenge yourself with a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch or FitBit.

4. Limit screen time

We live in the age of electronic everything. So to no surprise, we’re glued to our TV screens and mobile devices pretty often – okay, more like constantly. But this screen time can take a toll on your eyes, your brain, and even your emotional well-being.

To avoid physical and emotional stress from this constant stimulation, make a conscious effort to disconnect a few times during the day and at least an hour before bedtime. Simple ways include putting your phone on do not disturb mode, turning off the TV, and even grabbing a good book to relax your mind away from the screen.

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5. Learn how to prioritize

Prioritization is a highly effective way to not only get your work done but to eliminate stress along the way. Learning how to prioritize at work and in your personal life will leave you feeling more productive and less anxious.

Start by writing down a list of things that you need to do and number the tasks in order of importance. Once you’ve identified the tasks that need immediate attention, you can solely focus on those tasks before moving onto those that are less critical.

TIP: Consider using project management software to help organize and prioritize your tasks at work!

6. Eliminate stress

A great follow-up to healthy habit #5: eliminating stress. Prioritizing is an awesome way to help eliminate stress, but it’s important to eliminate stress in other ways, too.

A great way to reduce stress in your life is to write down what stresses you out along with why these things cause you stress. Once you’ve identified these stressors you start eliminating them by working to make changes in the areas that you have control of.

Taking the time to identify the areas of stress in your life is extremely important considering high levels of stress can affect your mood, immunity, productivity, and overall health. That being said, reducing – or even better, eliminating – stress will provide a boost to your health moving forward. 

7. Declutter!

Decluttering! A dreaded, yet simple way to enhance your mood and productivity. This could be as simple as taking one Saturday afternoon a month to declutter your home – things like getting rid of old mail, cleaning your fridge, or taking clothes you don’t wear to the local Goodwill are all great ways to declutter.

But don’t limit these purging sessions to physical possessions. It’s important to declutter your mind, too! Take time to unwind each night to rid your mind of toxic thoughts bogging you down. This will allow your mind to feel refreshed and recharged the following day.

8. Master time management

Time management – something many people struggle with. In this day an age it’s easy to get distracted, and understandably so. But these distractions lead to poor time management, and poor use of time leads to loss of productivity, and an unproductive you means a stressed-out you – it’s a never-ending cycle!

If you find yourself wishing you had more time in a day, beware of how this makes you feel and work to counteract this. Learn how to say no, get organized, and check out our other helpful time management tips to master self-discipline in 2020.

9. Practice self-care

Last but not least – take care of yourself! This is extremely important to keep your health in check. If you’re not listening to what your mind and body needs, you won’t be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle – both physically and mentally.

Be sure to maintain a work-life balance. Don’t get too enveloped in your work – this will lead to burn out.

Additionally, designate a time during your day or week that’s just for you. I personally have “self-care Sundays” where I spend time doing what I want to do and what makes me feel good.

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Start 2020 off on the right foot!

Now that you have some new challenges in front of you, it’s time to implement these tips to get your year started off on the right foot! Adopt these healthy habits and you’ll be feeling happier, healthier, and more productive in no time.

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