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Michael Fauscette Michael Fauscette  |  June 18, 2019

Welcome to the G2 Tech Pulse, where we bring state of the industry insights and G2 marketplace trends together. All to ensure you stay up to date on new technology, categories, and momentum -- both on G2.com, and across the industry as a whole.

As chief research officer at G2, it’s my mission to make sense of all of this data -- and tie it to the real-world trends you need to know to stay current (and ahead). So keep reading for 3 Major Market Trends to Watch, brought to you by G2.

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The tech ecosystem grows more complex

As technology buyers, you’re likely experiencing this trend firsthand. There are seemingly more vendors — in more categories, with more solutions to consider — than ever before. And for good reason.

Venture capital investment in startups has surged to its highest level ever$148 billion last year alone.

What's more, 2019 has seen 28 major acquisitions already, three of which were for more than $1 billion, and several more for more than $500 million, putting 2019 on pace to perhaps be the biggest tech M&A year ever.

And as the world’s largest B2B tech marketplace, as software evolves and grows -- so does the industry’s leading datagraph at G2.com.

For us, this means more products, specialized categories, and more reviews added each quarter -- all to help guide buyers who struggle to navigate an increasingly complex and difficult business environment.

New on G2 this quarter

Total Products

Categories on Site


(+14,913 YTD)


(+186,764 YTD)

The future is now with emerging tech

Businesses have caught on — technology can be used as a true differentiator to win.

Categories long seen by many as "emerging," and some as "buzzwords" are now being regularly used in customer technology stacks.    

These include artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, cloud platforms, and conversational user interfaces (UI). That’s why I’m not surprised to see our Cloud and Analytics categories have among the fastest growth on G2, with product coverage growing at rates 20–50% faster than average.

And with the recent acquisitions of Dynamic Yield (by McDonald’s) and Chainspace (by Facebook), we can expect a trend of larger vendors acquiring companies in emerging categories such as these to stay ahead.  

Consumer feedback is front and center

82% of buyers are more likely to purchase a product or service after reading a trusted review. It’s not hard to see why. (G2 Buyer Behavior Study April 2019; N=1362.)

The tech ecosystem is growing more complex, and new technologies are emerging — constantly. Buyers need reviews and consumer feedback to help make sense of it all.

That’s why G2 has collected more than 107,000 new reviews this quarter alone — and 750,000-plus overall. This influx of new reviews will undoubtedly unlock new trends on emerging categories, user satisfaction, and technology adoption we can share.

Stay tuned! I look forward to sharing those new findings with you in our next G2 Tech Pulse.


Michael Fauscette

Michael is an experienced technology executive with a diverse software background that includes experience as a software company executive and leading a premier marketing research team. Michael is a published author, blogger, photographer, and accomplished public speaker on emerging trends in business software, digital transformation, and customer experience strategies.

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