8 Free Volunteer Management Tools for Nonprofits

Courtney Moran Courtney Moran  |  February 1, 2018

A few years ago, I accidentally volunteered to take over the daunting job of managing a volunteer staff. 

I had no experience managing volunteers and didn’t even know that volunteer management software existed. Honestly, I thought I was offering to manage the staff for a week or two while the current volunteer manager took a vacation.

But just like the fate of most of the emails I sent during my tenure as volunteer coordinator, I skimmed that email and missed a major piece of information. I was, in fact, volunteering to indefinitely take over coordinating roughly 25 volunteers for a weekly farmers’ market.

I learned, over the course of a few emails, as how to best manage the volunteer staff. I received the volunteer list and learned that the previous manager sometimes created an Excel file to streamline the process. I’m reluctant to admit exactly how long I maintained my volunteer staff with a spreadsheet and email. (There were so many emails … )

As you well know, the job of recruiting, training and maintaining a happy volunteer staff can be complicated, arduous and, at times, thankless. Volunteer management tools will help you manage every essential task with ease. There are a variety of solutions available today and many of them are reasonably priced, if not free.

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Below is a list of eight volunteer management tools with free or freemium solutions for nonprofits.

1. Doodle

Doodle Volunteer Management

Doodle provides a simple way to decide on dates, places and more. It’s used by any group in need of finding a date that works for the majority, which is especially pertinent in the volunteer sphere.

Free features:

  • 1 administrator
  • Easy scheduling
  • Sync calendar
  • Private and Business plans free for 30 days

Paid options:

  • Private is for professional for $39/year
  • Business is for teams $69/year

2. IVolunteer.com

ivolunteer.com Volunteer Management

Ivolunteer.com helps you sign up and manage people for any type of event with customizable, reusable sign up sheets. The free subscription is good for small organizations and events just starting out with Ivolunteer.com

Free features:

  • 1 administrator
  • Up to 15 volunteers
  • Free subscription must be renewed every 30 days

Paid options:

  • Standard subscription covers 50 volunteers for $20 per 30 days
  • Premium subscription covers 500 volunteers for $175 for 6 months

SignUpGenius volunteer management

3. SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius assists with event planning and volunteer coordination efforts. Users can take advantage of the platform’s hundreds of included themes or design custom sign-up forms themselves, and then stay in touch with volunteers through automated group messaging and reminders. SignUpGenius charges a use-based fee on any money that is collected through the software.


Free features:

  • Personal or family use
  • Automated email reminders
  • 1,000 emails per month
  • 1 custom question for participants
  • Advertising on sign-up pages

Paid options:

  • Silver starts at $8.99/month paid annually
  • Gold starts at $22.49/month paid annually
  • Platinum starts at $44.99/month paid annually

SignUp.com Volunteer Management

4. SignUp.com

SignUp.com helps you organize people and manage time with signups and more. Basic is a free plan from SignUp.com, great for small groups and simple activities.

Free features:

  • 1 group page
  • 1 custom question field on signup sheet
  • 1 primary organizer
  • Unlimited emails, participants and signups
  • Calendar Sync and embed
  • Custom notifications options
  • Email customer support

Paid options:

  • Starter for $9.99/month
  • Plus for $24.99/month
  • Max for $49.99/month
  • Campus for $99/month

VolunteerLocal Volunteer Management

5. VolunteerLocal

VolunteerLocal helps you organize, manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers.

Free features:

  • 1 admin user
  • Unlimited volunteers, jobs and shifts
  • Custom registration fields
  • Mass email capabilities and event data archiving are unavailable

Paid options:

  • Discover plan is $200/event or $600/year
  • Grow plan is $800/event or $2,400/year
  • Conquer plan is $3,000/event or $10,000/year

WhenToHelp Volunteer Management

6. WhenToHelp

WhenToHelp provides organizers and volunteers alike flexible schedule creation and publishing. Organizations that are considered a charity, have a US 501(C)3 designation, or schedule unpaid volunteers qualify for the extended free use.

Free features:

  • 250 volunteer max
  • 100 shifts per week max
  • Email schedule reminders
  • Unlimited access for schedulers and volunteers
  • Mobile capabilities, tech support

Paid options:

  • Cost ranges from $15–$108/month depending on the number of volunteers

YourVolunteers Volunteer Management

7. YourVolunteers

YourVolunteers is a free cloud-based volunteer management solution.

Free features:

  • Unlimited volunteer “focuses”
  • 1,000 volunteers per “focus”
  • Volunteer tracking and email reminders
  • Computer, tablet and mobile friendly
  • No email schedules from system
  • Has advertising

Paid options:

  • Premium is $20/month
  • Custom plan varies

timecounts volunteer management

8. Timecounts

Timecounts allows users to “recruit, manage and mobilize amazing volunteers.” It offers a comprehensive tool set for activating and scheduling supporters of an organization, with simple event management and role assignments among other features.

Free features:

  • Fully customizable hub
  • Unlimited community database
  • Unlimited roles and assignments
  • 250 emails/month
  • 1 signup form
  • 2 admin

Paid options:

  • Premium is $40/month, billed annually. It allows for 10 admins and 2,500 emails/month.
  • Growth for $100/month, billed annually. Allows for 25 admins and 5,000 emails/month.
  • Enterprise requires custom pricing. Contact Timecounts for more information.

Try one of these tools for free today

These free volunteer management tools, and other tools to aid in volunteer management, are just a few of the many options available for managing volunteers, schedules and events. For additional help in choosing the right solution, check out the volunteer management software category where you can compare products, learn about the benefits and compare all the available features.


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