How to Find Qualified Candidates (+9 Best Recruiting Tools for Hiring Managers)

Courtney Moran Courtney Moran  |  January 15, 2019

You’re a hiring manager and you’ve got work to do: Hire the most qualified talent for the job.

You’ve gotten the necessary approval to hire a new team members, and now you need to follow a plan to find them. Your first step will be to craft a clear and compelling job description. Next up, get it in front of a lot qualified candidates with a stellar recruiting strategy, and keep in mind: You are not only hiring for this position, but you should consider your candidate pipeline.

But how do you get your job description in front of the most qualified candidates? And once it’s there, how do you sort through the plethora of qualified candidates resumes, CVs and cover letters?

Strategies for finding qualified candidates

Recruiting takes time and money, and instead of just throwing that expensive spaghetti at the wall, consider developing a strategic job posting process from these tactics

1. Determine the most appropriate salary for the role

It doesn’t matter how great the job description is, if the salary isn’t competitive, qualified candidates will look elsewhere. As a hiring manager, you are responsible for determining the appropriate compensation amount for every role.

To make this task easier, there are a variety of salary comparison tools available for employer and candidate use. These tools allow users to compare salaries based on company, job titles and locations. These solutions provide information such as employee or employer-reported data, salary trends over time, salary comparison filters, or staffing needs and costs calculators.

Some tools, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are free, while others, like LinkedIn Salary, require a subscription.

2. Create a compelling job description

Create a compelling job description based on the unique needs and qualifications you most desire in a new hire. Make sure to use inclusive language and highlight both hard and soft skills required for success in the role. Job description management software can help companies, hiring managers and job recruiters create, manage, post and store job descriptions.

Interested in seeing how software can help your business? Check out the best job description management software according to real user-reviews.

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3. Post the job description on the appropriate job boards

You need to decide where to post the job description on online job search sites and, depending on scale, you might want to implement software to help automate the job posting process.

You can choose from a seemingly endless selection of job boards that host either niche job or general job openings. There are many recruiting solutions to help you get that well-crafted job description into your ideal candidates’ hands, including recruitment marketing platforms and recruiting automation software.

4. Streamline the resume parsing process

Recruiters and hiring managers will need to sort through (fingers crossed) a deluge of qualified applicants. There are a variety of solutions to help sort resumes for qualified applicants that personnel can then consider more closely.

Applicant tracking systems provide those initial streamlining capabilities that make resume parsing a surmountable task.

5. Conduct interviews over the phone, online or in person

Interviewing can be conducted over the phone, in person or via software. Video interviewing software can help hiring managers meet candidates no matter where they are located. This software provides recording solutions so candidates can answer interview questions at the time that works best for them and submit them for review when hiring managers have time to do so.

Not only does this increase the likelihood of successfully scheduling an interview within complicated, busy schedules but it also can help increase the candidate pool by providing easy-to-use solutions for long-distance hiring. Increasingly, these solutions include soft and technical skill assessments.

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 top recruiting solutions for hiring managers

Tools to help the recruiting process

Here are the top nine recruiting tools a hiring manager should know about, according to G2 Crowd user reviews.

These products alone have well over 1,200 validated user reviews on G2 Crowd as of Nov. 26, 2018, and only represent a small portion of the 440-plus recruiting software offerings listed on our platform. The products must have at least 10 reviews and are ranked by user satisfaction score, which is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real user satisfaction ratings from review data.

For each product we provide:

  • G2 Crowd star rating
  • User satisfaction
  • An overview
  • Reviews highlighting what users like

Job board software

Job boards, also known as job search sites, provide employers and job seekers with a platform to post and search for open positions. Job boards can provide general job listings for all industries or they might focus on niche markets such as tech, creative or health care, to name a few. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our list of the eight best rated job search sites for 2018. We provide a breakdown of the job board overview, features, pricing information and user reviews.

Top 3 job board tools every hiring manager should know about:

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn Job Search
  3. Handshake

IndeedProduct Name: Indeed
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 94 percent

Indeed hosts job openings, company reviews, salaries and resumes to help connect job seekers and employers. Companies can create an account, post jobs, write job descriptions, review applications, manage candidates and schedule interviews. Indeed provides companies with sponsored job options, resume subscriptions, mobile recruiting, featured employer options and company pages.

What users like:
“For an HR department of one, the ease of posting, pausing, updating and managing an ad is a huge plus as well as the ability to use the system to track and log applicants. However, the biggest benefit is the knowledge that, when hiring managers post to Indeed directly, resumes are being logged and tracked by the system as a default.”
Indeed review by G2 Crowd user in consumer goods

LinkedIn Job SearchProduct Name: LinkedIn Job Search
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 83 percent

LinkedIn Job Search helps organizations post job openings and reach candidates. Features include targeted job promotion, recommended matches and candidate management.

What users like:
“LinkedIn by far has the best talent available. Many high-level professionals actively use LinkedIn, and the options available to be found are incredible. The elaborate search function allows both hiring organizations and the candidate to find what they're looking for — be it jobs or potential talent. Not only does LinkedIn benefit the applicant and recruiting, but it also allows all professionals to grow their network and educate themselves with current news and business trends.”
LinkedIn Job Search review by John P.

HandshakeProduct Name: Handshake
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 64 percent

Overview: Handshake is a college career network that connects college students with career centers and employers. It focuses on opportunities for every college student regardless where they go to school, what they major in or who they know.


What users like:
“My previous intern introduced me to Handshake, and it's been a great tool. I have two new interns this summer thanks to the software, and already have another potential intern for 2019. I love that once I've set up my profile and been accepted by universities, the hard part is done. It's just a matter of keeping it up to date and using a future deadline application I'm comfortable with. But, so far, I've had sufficient applications, and most of them have been a good fit for my business. I've already recommended Handshake to several peers.”
Handshake review by Kristi P.

Recruitment marketing platforms

Recruitment marketing platforms can help you target active and passive candidates. These recruiting solutions include social recruiting tools to market job openings and engage with candidates. Recruitment marketing solutions help businesses improve their branding on career sites, market job openings, track and manage candidates, and provide built in applicant tracking system (ATS) software or integrate with third-party ATSs.

Top 3 recruitment marketing tools every hiring manager should know about:

  1. Zoho Recruit
  2. BreezyHR
  3. LinkedIn Talent

Zoho RecruitProduct Name: Zoho Recruit
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 94 percent

Zoho Recruit streamlines the entire recruiting process. Features include candidate search, career portals, job board and social site posting, resume tools, collaboration solutions, integration options, and more.

What users like:
“Zoho Recruit is perfect for any agency or in-house recruiter that is looking to streamline their processes, automated interview scheduling and posting to job boards. Zoho made our lives easier and it's very easy to onboard new team members, the software is generally quite easy to understand and most things can be customized and tailored to our specific recruitment approach. One of the best features is that Zoho Recruit gives you access to Indeed CV database, which allows us to quickly scan for new potential candidates.”
Zoho Recruit review by Maiko S.

BreezyHRProduct Name: BreezyHR
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 88 percent

BreezyHR is an end-to-end recruiting software. Features include candidate management, automated email, scheduling and interview management, job board posting, branded career portals, and hiring team collaboration.

What users like:
“BreezyHR has a great layout. It is easy to keep track of applicants, move them through the recruitment stages and keep records for future hires. It is a great collaboration tool for our hiring team to be able to review and discuss applicants throughout the process. I also like the ability to email and book interviews directly through this site. BreezyHR allows the interviewer to propose multiple times to meet and allows the candidate to choose which time works best for them. From there, it automatically connects to my calendar and blocks out the time. Lastly, the recruitment analytics area is great! It lays out all of the analytics I am looking for when reviewing our process.”
BreezyHR review by Emily G.

LinkedIn TalentProduct Name: LinkedIn Talent
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 87 percent

LinkedIn Talent helps businesses find and engage qualified candidates. Features include job posting, recruiting tools and branded career pages.

What users like:
“It's very affordable, so LinkedIn Recruiter Lite can be helpful for smaller companies who don't need to do a TON of hiring. You can do Boolean searches and get quite granular with whom you’re looking for.”
LinkedIn Talent review by Michael K.

Recruiting automation 

Recruiting automation software automates the process of identifying, verifying and sourcing candidates. These tools help HR personnel, hiring managers, and recruiters create and manage applicant pools for current and future openings. These solutions are often integrated with  ATS software and CRM software.

Top 3 recruiting automation tools every hiring manager should know about:

  1. Hiretual
  2. Zoho Recruit
  3. SmartRecruiters

HiretualProduct Name: Hiretual
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 93 percent

Hiretual helps businesses find qualified candidates. Features include AI sourcing and search, email finder, direct dial, internet as your database, and ATS/CRM integrations.

What users like:
“Nurture Tracks automatically schedules and sends outreach and tracks when candidates open the email. Projects allows you to organize your roles and prioritize your outreach. The best part: Not just LinkedIn results limited to LinkedIn Mail, this scrapes the whole web and returns results from sites like GitHub and Stack overflow, plus it gives you personal contact info and even phone numbers so you can control how you reach out to the candidates. Oh, and you can't beat their support chat. These guys are on the ball!!”
Hiretual review by Kristin L.

Zoho RecruitProduct Name: Zoho Recruit
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 82 percent

Zoho Recruit is a recruiting and applicant tracking system software. Features include branded career websites, postings to job boards and social sites, resume parsing and extractor, customization and collaboration tools, integrations, and more.

What users like:
“Zoho Recruit is perfect for any agency or in-house recruiter that is looking to streamline their processes, automates interview scheduling and posting to job boards. Zoho made our lives easier and it's very easy to onboard new team members, the software is generally quite easy to understand and most things can be customized and tailored to our specific recruitment approach. One of the best features is that Zoho Recruit gives you access to Indeed CV database, which allows us to quickly scan for new potential candidates.”
Zoho Recruit review by Maiko S.

SmartRecruitersProduct Name: SmartRecruiters
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 72 percent

SmartRecruiters is a talent acquisition suite that helps businesses source qualified candidates. Features include CRM and candidates sourcing, applicant tracking system, hiring, onboarding, and HRIS integrations.

What users like:
“It is quite easy to manage the entire process. From posting an ad to sponsoring the ad on multiple sites, to managing applicants as they come in, it is great to have all of it available in a single web-based system.”
SmartRecruiters review by David A.

Next steps for hiring managers

Hiring managers often employ additional solutions to find the best talent such as video interviewing software or pre-employment screening software to test for soft skills assessment or technical skills screening.

For more information on hiring solutions, visit G2 Crowd’s HR software categories for thousands of verified user reviews to find the best solution to fit your company’s needs. You can compare products, view specific ratings, discover available features and read user reviews. Reviews can be tailored to view company sizes, user roles and industries, specific ratings and categories to help determine which product will work best for your unique business.
* Please note: Reviews may have been edited for spelling and grammar.

If attracting diverse talent is important to your team, learn the best ways to optimize your job ads to help bring in the most qualified candidates.


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