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November 27, 2019

Believe it or not, fax messages can still play an important role in how we transmit information.

Being able to make high-quality copies of a signed contract or important documentation and send it quickly and efficiently to the necessary recipients can help you get the right information to the right people. Before receiving a fax message, the recipient of the message receives a fax cover sheet.

The convenience of using Google Docs as a function of internal communication between parties in the office is also no secret. Documents can be transferred between parties in an instant, and it’s becoming the universal platform of work documents across industries and teams for faxes as well. Google Docs also enables an easy way to send a fax with a fax cover sheet.

How to send a fax cover sheet on Google Docs

We go through the steps of sending a fax cover sheet along with a fax from Google Docs.

Sending a fax cover sheet from Google Docs

To send a fax via Google Docs, you’ll need to download the FAX.PLUS add-on from the Google Docs store. Then, open the document that you would like to send as a fax. Select the “add-ons” tab from the top of the page, and then select the FAX.PLUS option from the menu that populates.

Selecting the FAX.PLUS option will open up a side tab on your screen, from which you can enter the recipient’s fax number as well as select the option to add a cover page. At the bottom of this side tab, there is a “send fax” button, which you’ll select when your fax is ready to send. The fax will send immediately upon selecting this button and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

example of a fax cover sheet on google docs


What to include in your cover sheet

The fax cover sheet is where you'll establish the company you are sending your fax from as well as identify your intended recipient. At the top of your cover sheet, add your company name, company phone number, company fax number, and address.

Next, add the name of the recipient as well as their fax number and the date. Below the recipient’s information, add your name, your fax number, and the number of pages contained in the fax.

This information will be sent as your cover sheet along with your fax to help your recipient identify where the fax is coming from and who it is intended for.

The fax of the matter

Sending faxes via Google Docs makes it easier than ever to add a fax cover sheet. If you’re looking to continue to up your fax game, check out G2’s guide to the best fax software.

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