Facebook's Year In Review: A Special Round-Up of Your 2018

Jordan Wahl
Jordan Wahl  |  December 7, 2018

It’s that time of year again – year-end is quickly approaching and we’re beginning to wrap up the past year – reminiscing on the good and the bad.

No one likes looking back on the bad, though. And if you didn’t have to, you wouldn’t, right? Why not focus on the best moments 2018 instead?

Well, good news – Facebook just made it easier for you by bringing back its annual Year In Review, just for you.

Facebook’s 2018 Year In Review

On December 6, Facebook released its 2018 Year In Review, a round-up of the special ways that people around the globe used the social media platform to connect in 2018. 

While Facebook highlights some of the most talked-about moments of 2018 – like International Woman’s Day, the Royal Weddings, and the World Cup – in its own year review, it also announced that it will be creating a personalized highlight video for all Facebook users, too.

This video – called ‘Your 2018 Year In Review’ – will highlight memories that you’ve both shared and been tagged in throughout 2018 and will be able to be edited and shared with your Facebook friends. It will look a little something like this: 


Interested in seeing Your 2018 Year in Review on Facebook?

Here’s how:

How to find Your 2018 Year In Review

Beginning Today, December 10, all Facebook users will be able to see their own personal Year In Review video highlighting the top moments they’ve shared or been tagged in throughout 2018.

If you have a Facebook account, you may see the video appear in your News Feed once they go live. You will also be able to access it at Facebook.com/memories.

It’s time to share Your Year In Review on Facebook!

Now that you’ve found Your 2018 Year in Review, it’s time to customize and share!

If you don’t particularly love the moments Facebook chose for you, you can choose to ‘Customize’ and swap out pictures and posts from the year that you like better!

Once you’re happy with Your Year in Review video, be sure to share it with your Friends!

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Jordan Wahl

Jordan Wahl

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