Facebook Cover Videos: How to Create, Change, and Post

November 29, 2018

Facebook is continually enhancing its experience to better serve its customers.

This goes double for Facebook business page owners, who are more likely to pour money into advertising. In fact, you may have been seeing Facebook cover videos in action for the last few months, though many brands still have yet to adopt this interactive new feature.

It’s easy as can be to upload a Facebook cover video in place of a Facebook cover photo. The same method can be used to change your Facebook cover video if you wish to switch out the footage. This may be useful if you are a consumer-facing brand that wants to utilize creative Facebook marketing tactics to display your rotating product or service line.

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How to upload a Facebook cover video

First, locate your existing cover image.

facebook cover video crafty as fuck 1


Second, hover your mouse in the top lefthand corner until “change cover” appears. Click this. 

facebook cover video crafty as fuck 2


Third, a drop-down menu will appear:

facebook cover video choose from videos spec


Select “choose from videos” if you’ve already posted a video that you want to repurpose as a cover image. Select “upload photo/video” if you want to choose a video from your computer or mobile phone’s files.

Additionally, before you post, you can choose a thumbnail. Click on the arrows on the right and left of the image to choose from an array of video frames from your Facebook cover video. Select your perfect cover image, click publish and you’re ready to shine!

Why use Facebook cover videos?

As mentioned above, there are specific parameters that Facebook requires a video to be in order to become a cover video. These dimensions should be kept in mind while considering what video assets to record for a Facebook cover photo. But, the good news is that if you take a video on your phone, it’s already formatted to within the correct parameters.

Also, keep in mind that part of your Facebook cover video will be cropped out, so make sure that any important images or text is central.

Facebook cover videos offer a unique opportunity to showcase your business in a way that not many brands are fully utilizing. In a move to incorporate more video into a brand’s content mix, why not put your most engaging content first?

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