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Core Values List: 222 Ideas to Inspire Your Value Statement

May 20, 2019

Here at G2, we have a company culture of “Living at the PEAK.”

A value statement like ours is not only great for your employer branding and corporate culture, but informs your current and potential employees exactly what is important to the organization. Value statements are also crucial in the implementation of a recruitment marketing strategy.

PEAK, in this context, is actually an acronym that helps our team remember the four core values of our organization: Performance, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Authenticity, and Kindness. These four core values inform everyone from the newest hires to the CEO of exactly the type of behavior that’s essential to the company’s success.

Creating a value statement for your organization is crucial to recruit the best talent and keep the talent you’ve already hired.

We use our PEAK values in a day-to-day manner. They’re the very lifeblood of the organization. In fact, all of our company awards are built around these four values. Employees get nominated based on how they exemplify PEAK values in their jobs.

G2 Core Values

A value statement is a key driver for employee success because it gives applicants a way to connect with the organization and tells them the type of people they'll be working with.

Creating a value statement isn’t easy, and you may be asking yourself where to even start. This list of 223 values should inspire you to begin drafting a value statement for yourself or your organization.

TIP: A value statement should be complementary to a diversity statement in order to holistically represent your employer brand and attract talent.

Core values list

Acceptance Accessibility Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy
Achievement Activity Adaptability Adventure Affection
Agile Alert Ambition Appreciation Approachable
Assertive Attentive Authentic Available Awareness
Balance Belonging Best Bold Bravery
Brilliance Candor Caring Change Citizenship
Cleanliness Clever Collaboration Comfor Commitment
Communication Community Compassion Composure Concentration
Confidence Confidentiality Connection Consistency Cooperation
Coordination Courage Courtesy Craftsmanship Creation
Creativity Credibility Curiosity Daring Decisiveness
Dedication Delight Dependability Depth Determination
Development Devotion Directness Discovery Diversity
Drive Eagerness Effective Efficiency Elegance
Empathy Empowerment Encouragement Energy Enjoyment
Enthusiasm Entrepreneurship Environment Equality Equitable
Ethical Excellence Exuberance Experience Exploration
Fairness Family Fearless Fierce Flexibility
Fluency Focus Freedom Friendship Fun
Generosity Genius Goodness Gratitude Greatness
Growth Happiness Hard Work Harmony Heart
Honesty Honor Hope Humility Humor
Imagination Independence Individuality Innovation Inquisitive
Insight Inspiration Integrity Intelligence Intensity
Intuition Inviting Joy Kindness Knowledge
Leadership Learning Liberty Logic Love
Loyalty Meaning Mindfulness Motivation Nerve
Open Minded Openness Optimism Organization Originality
Passion Patience Peace Perception Perfection
Performance Perseverance Persistence Personality Philanthropy
Play Playfulness Poise Potential Power
Practicality Pragmatism Precision Preparation Preservation
Pride Privacy Proactive Productivity Progress
Prosperity Quality Recognition Recreation Reflection
Relaxation Reliability Resilience Resourcefulness Respect
Responsibility Reverence Risk Safety Security
Self Aware Selflessness Sensible Serenity Service
Sharing Silliness Simplicity Sincerity Speed
Spirit Spontaneity Stability Strength Structure
Success Support Sustainability Sympathy Synergy
Teamwork Timeliness Toughness Traditional Tranquility
Transparency Trust Trustworthy Truth Understanding
Uniqueness Unity Utility Value Variety
Virtue Vision Vitality Warmth Welcoming
Wisdom Wonder      

Go forth and conquer

Did a few of those values stick out to you? Your own value statement should be a combination of those beliefs that really embody your organization. Consider what you want the stakeholders around you to think about in their professional lives.

With the right values, your employees will be engaged and satisfied.

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