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The 10 Best Slack Communities and Apps for Digital Marketers

June 14, 2018

Who’d have ever thought that an internal communication app would foster ideation, networking and growth?

Slack’s flexibility has enabled users to expand the platform's functionality and fulfill diverse needs. Developers and subject matter experts, including digital marketers, have begun to build useful apps and communities on the tool. Using them, you can accelerate your learning-execution-feedback loop and achieve digital marketing goals like never before.

This post describes 10 of the best Slack communities and apps for digital marketers. But before we explore the different communities that support digital marketing, here is the basic etiquette that Slack community members are expected to follow. Joining a Slack community is similar to joining any other:

  • Introduce yourself; it’s always nice for members to identify participants of any conversation.
  • Read extensively before you join the conversation yourself. It pays to understand the vibe that exists in every Slack community.
  • Don’t spam communities with marketing propaganda. Unless the intent of the community is to enable promotions, don’t use it to promote your business.

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Best Slack Communities

Mind the Product - Product Management

A well-built product that has valuable use cases and a reliable support team can be marketed easily. Such is a product for which one can say, "Build it and they will come." Mind the Product Slack community is a forum with 1,000s of product managers whose opinions you can seek for product development, design, and UX-related questions. You can also find problem-solving tips and support via this Slack community. 


This creatively named community consists of a group of growth marketers who share their conundrums with each other and seek innovative solutions. The community even encourages sharing of files — PDFs, JPEGs, and the lot — for honest feedback.

Online Geniuses

With more than 2,500 members, Online Geniuses is one of the largest network on Slack for marketers. It’s also the perfect place to evaluate your Snapchat and social media marketing strategies, analyze the latest trends, and network with several technically proficient digital marketers.

Content Creators' Hub 

Content creation is a challenging art form. No matter how skilled you are at creating effective content, you can improve your skills to produce even better content and results. Content Creators' Hub is a Slack community made of  bloggers, journalists, content marketers, and writers who share their opinions and expertise related to creating content for multiple marketing purposes. Join this community if you'd like new ideas or tips to take your content to the next level. 

Marketers Chat

Marketers Chat is primarily a place to find tools to navigate your existing challenges and resolve problems you didn’t know you had. The community mostly hosts internet and affiliate marketers, among other professionals who are well-versed with digital marketing.

Creative Tribes

Tribe marketing is particularly relevant in today’s age of social media and forums for people with shared interests. Creative Tribes is a Slack community dedicated to discussing strategies, experiences, and resources that you can use to build active tribes on the internet.

Conversion World

Conversions are the best way to retain your manager’s or client’s trust when marketing via digital channels. Conversion World is a great Slack forum to pick up the latest analytics and data-driven tips to attracting more leads and driving more conversions.  

Designer Hangout

Design is an integral part of marketing and how digital marketers relay messages to their target groups. The members of the Designer Hangout Slack community are UX designers, researchers, and professionals particularly well-positioned to offer the best UX and design advice.

SaaS Community

SaaS marketers, SaaS founders, and entrepreneurs often face marketing puzzles that are unique to their functional area. Slack’s SaaS community is a group of novice and expert level SaaS marketers who exchange knowledge and experiences to assist each other.


If you want success as a blogger, you have to build backlinks. Backlinks is a Slack community directed at helping bloggers grow their online presences by acquiring backlinks in a meaningful and effective way.  

Best Slack Apps

Now that we’ve covered communities in which you can pick up ideas, let’s move on to discussing Slack marketing integrations or apps that you can use for marketing efficiency.

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While Slack has a smart bot built into it, the bot’s functionality is restricted to actions within the app. GrowthBot goes beyond the basics to really cater to digital marketer’s needs. Using GrowthBot, you can access marketing intel, content ideas and keyword research within Slack.  


If you need a quick way to stay updated with the latest in your niche, you could integrate a content curation app such as DrumUp with Slack. The app scours the net for fresh content related to keywords set by you, and delivers sourced articles to Slack channels of your choice. The tool also lets you schedule these posts to social accounts connected to it.


One of the easiest ways to make an impact on digital media is by keeping your ears open for the right opportunities. Mention lets you monitor keywords of your choice in real time, and it delivers reports of instances where the keywords are mentioned to Slack channels of your choice. Using the tool’s Slack integration, you can give your team access to mentions.


Analytics is an integral part of measuring and optimizing your digital marketing. However, keeping tabs on multiple analytics tools every single day can be a pain. Statsbot is a smart integration that lets you pull data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and more to display within Slack channels.

Screen capture can be a huge time-saver in conveying quick information with your team or the IT department. Digital marketers often have to work with designers and developers in creating the perfect brand experience. During such instances you can use to quickly shoot, annotate, and share screenshots within Slack channels.


If you’re working with multiple writers and designers for marketing, you will probably need a convenient way to keep track of all the projects. With Trello’s Slack integration, you can allocate projects and deadlines and keep track of people’s progress. Trello also allows you to set reminders and chat with people who may have projects due.


Intro is great for networking and sales. Using Intro, you can connect with your teammates’ social media connections via Slack. Intro asks users to edit profiles and add contacts to a central channel from which they can give Intros of people to teammates. This feature is great for connecting with freelancers, bloggers, PR specialists, and social media influencers.


Digital marketing is a high-stress-level job that’s fast paced and target oriented. That’s why it’s important to create a casual and fun atmosphere for your teammates to kick back and enjoy from time to time. GIPHY adds the element of fun to Slack communication, allowing channel members to call GIFs within everyday conversations.


The trickiest part of email marketing is getting inside someone’s inbox and catching their attention. A huge segment of the emails you send everyday fails to have any impact whatsoever. That’s where a Slack app like GetResponse comes in. Using GetResponse, you can track email delivery, opens, and unsubscribes in real time, within your Slack channels.


Marketing works best when combined with sales. Clearbit is a Slack app that helps you make sense of the leads you capture via social media and email marketing. Clearbit associates the email addresses that you collect with full names, designations, social media profiles locations, and likelihood to convert. You can use this info to drive more conversions via digital marketing.


Slack has more to offer than simple productivity features. With Slack’s marketing communities and apps, you can transform the way you approach digital marketing from within Slack channels. 

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