5 Tips to Help Translate App UI into Your Marketing Design

Bridget Poetker
Bridget Poetker  |  April 5, 2019

Easier said than done!

There’s no secret sauce when it comes to app design. However, that’s pretty hard to believe when 60 percent of all apps have never been downloaded. What are these apps doing wrong?

Learning how to make an app isn't easy as there are a lot of factors to consider. Designers and marketers hear it all the time, “consistency is key.” Marrying your app user interface (UI) design to your marketing design is crucial if you’re looking to grow your brand’s recognition as a whole.

How to leverage app UI design

We asked five industry experts to weigh in on how to incorporate an app’s UI design into a marketing strategy, and even beyond. Here’s what they had to say:

1. When in doubt, screenshot it out

“When you market for an app, you're giving the user a taste of the UX/UI and you want to mimic that very clearly in your ad. I find that ads with screenshots and very clean backgrounds (as to not distract from the app's unique feature offering) have the most success.

Keep the text light and straight to the point. If you can create a polished gif or small video that can do a quick demo of the app's best features, that's even better. You have about 3-5 seconds to hook your audience before the scroll - do not overlook the design of your ad, no matter how small it is! Test tons of ad images - different colors, different size fonts, different screenshots, different size assets.”

-Ciara Hautau, Lead Digital Marketing Strategist at Fueled

2. Create a united front (end)

“One way to make sure the look and feel of your app UI is expressed in your marketing materials, is to take certain elements of the app design and use them as accent pieces. For example, if your app has sections with illustrations, transfer them over into your proposal, with the exact same style.

One other tip is to pay attention to the style of buttons and boxes on the app. If your app uses rectangles as buttons, without any rounded corners; your marketing material should follow this style, and never use rounded edges on anything. This also goes for drop shadows, font sizes, transparency, etc.”

-Jenna Erickson, Marketing Manager at Codal

3. Be consistent with color

“Think about consistent branding. I recommend using a very limited color palette when you are designing the UI for an app. If you take this across all of your marketing it's very easy to achieve consistency and more importantly recognition for the brand.

I am currently creating a UI for an app. I have taken the original brand color red and used it as a color wash background for all of the marketing materials. The end result is a bold, very recognizable brand that people remember.”

-Jean H. Paldan, Founder & CEO of Rare Form New Media

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4. Speak the same language

“We directly incorporate elements of our UI into our marketing campaigns to give our audience a better understanding of how our app functions and what benefits they could get out of the product. Our app is a keyword-searchable platform for finding like-minded people nearby through common interests. We are using the keyword tags, exactly as they look in the app, in our campaigns on Instagram and Facebook introduce the different interests you could connect through. This gives our audience a taste of our product before download.

Tip isolate the key elements of your product. What makes it unique? What makes it appealing? Then try, in a not-too-obvious way, to include this element throughout. It's important to think of something that is engaging and possibly even participatory, like a hashtag campaign.”

-Melanie Aronson, Founder of Panion

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5. Get your point across

“Throughout all of our marketing collateral–our website pages, in our brochures, within our emails, throughout our videos, etc.–we make sure to visually highlight our sleek UX/UI and truly demonstrate the ease-of-use and accessibility our single-click app interface provides.

It’s important to engage the audience by describing how the app’s design improves the user experience. You have to find a way to convey how the UI benefits your customers and how it appeals to potential leads. Your messaging should focus on how the user interface creates an even simpler, smoother and easily accessible experience for all users.”

-Sagi Gidali, Co-Founder & CPO of Perimeter 81

There you have it

Creating a brand is no simple feat–and doing it across mediums can make it a whole lot harder. A word of advice: team collaboration is essential in this ongoing endeavor.

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Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker is a senior content marketing specialist at G2, focusing on app development and design. Born and raised in the Chicago area, she graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I-L-L! In her free time, you'll find Bridget in the bleachers at Wrigley Field or posted up at the nearest rooftop patio. During the 8 months of Chicago winter, she hibernates.