Malwarebytes Mac and 5 macOS Anti-Malware Alternatives

Levi Olmstead
Levi Olmstead  |  October 31, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard this from a Mac user: “Macs can’t get viruses!” It’s one of the biggest selling points from Mac users (and sales associates).

But if macOS systems aren’t at risk for malware, then why do popular cybersecurity and endpoint protection tools offer Mac-specific risk solutions?

The answer is that this is mostly a myth!

It is true that around 90 percent of computer sales are still PCs running Windows. There lies one of the causes of this rumor. It’s not that there are no malware risk for Macs; there simply isn’t a large enough market share for malware creators to spend the time developing attacks. In addition, the types of malware seen in the wild attacking Mac computers have relied less on vulnerabilities of the operating system itself and more on the gullibility of the individual Mac user.

While the risk isn’t as high for Mac users as it is for those using Windows, there still is the possibility of falling for malware attacks. Many users can’t afford an expensive personal anti-malware macOS protection tool, so we’ve put together a list of six tools Mac users can download to keep themselves protected.

Anti-Malware for Mac

The Lowdown: Malwarebytes Mac edition remains the most popular macOS personal protection tool on the market. Its main enterprise business-marketed endpoint protection platform, Malwarebytes, is also a popular tool with over 80 reviews on G2 Crowd.

Price: Malwarebytes Mac has a free offering that only focuses on cleaning infected devices, as well as a 30-day free trial period for new users trying their home edition. After that, it is still an inexpensive option at $39.99 per year per device for the home edition, with a discount that applies when buying more than one seat. Malwarebytes Mac also offers a business edition for teams starting at $49.99 per year per endpoint.

Features: Malwarebytes Mac’s free edition offers only remedial features for cleaning macOS devices infected with malware. Its paid editions offer much more in terms of defense and preparation for attacks such as shields, prevention methods and stopping ransomware attacks.

5 Malwarebytes Mac Alternatives

These alternatives are sourced via G2 Crowd user reviews.

Norton Security for Mac

The Lowdown: Norton’s anti-malware business endpoint protection solution is a popular product on G2 Crowd with 47 Norton reviews. While that product is PC-focused, Norton has a personal North Security Standard Edition for Mac.

Price: Unlike Malwarebytes Mac editions, Norton doesn’t offer a free edition for personal Mac users. Norton’s pricing tier comes as a per-year subscription with a cap on the number of devices covered by anti-malware protection.

Features: Norton for Mac has three tiers of products including a basic coverage package as well as deluxe and premium offerings. Focusing on the basic package, the malware security tool mostly provides features to keep your Mac clean with real-time malware and privacy protection.

Code42's CrashPlan for Mac

The Lowdown: Code42’s G2 Crowd profile has a lot of reviews; 261 reviews, in fact. While this is for their premium Code42 offering, the backup tool is a very well-liked product among its users at 4.6 out of 5 stars in user-reported satisfaction.

Price: While Code42 is an enterprise SaaS offering, the company has a Mac offering called CrashPlan that is completely free for small businesses and personal use.

Features: Code42’s Mac solution is less “protection” and more of a last resort. While it doesn’t have much in terms of preventing macOS users from being hit, it does back up all of an Apple user’s data and is a useful resource once a system has been infected.

Druva for Mac

The Lowdown: Another professional endpoint protection tool, Druva’s enterprise product has over 70 reviews on G2 Crowd with a 4.6 out of 5 stars user rating. In addition to providing backup features, Druva’s Mac solution is still business-focused for organizations who need a Mac-centric data protection platform.

Price: Druva Mac’s offering has a free trial period to feel out if the platform is right for you. After that, the product turns into a SaaS offering. While pricing isn’t available on Druva’s website, Druva inSync users have reported that the tool ranks in the 53rd percentile for cost in the backup category.

Features: The tool has features across a few different areas including endpoint protection, backup, and governance, risk and compliance. Druva’s website claims it is the only tool that is a complete solution for all three of these areas. Its website also includes an awesome graphic on how the tool’s workflow runs.

Webroot for Mac

The Lowdown: Webroot’s enterprise endpoint protection platform has 61 reviews on G2 with a 4.6 out of 5 stars from user-reported reviews. The company offers an anti-malware solution for personal and business Mac users called SecureAnywhere.

Price: Webroot for Mac comes in as a SaaS offering at $29.99 a year, with discounts given when more years are purchased upfront. There are also different pricing tiers for the number of devices Webroot will be covering (up to three total devices).

Features: Webroot for Mac is a low-footprint personal endpoint protection platform that protects users from identity theft, Mac malware and phishing attacks. The product also comes equipped with routine scans for system checks and webcam protections for those paranoid their webcams have become compromised.

Avast for Mac

The Lowdown: Avast is also a B2B and enterprise endpoint protection tool. At 39 reviews, it is the least-reviewed product on this list, but it was still named a Leader in G2 Crowd’s recent Fall 2017 Endpoint Protection Grid® Report. The company also has a Mac anti-malware solution called Avast Security for Mac.

Price: Avast Security for Mac is a completely free download. No trial, no scams. It’s 100 percent free.

Features: Avast’s Mac edition protects macOS users proactively. The tool includes three main focuses into its protection solution. An overall anti-malware product, Avast for Mac helps to block malware attacks and retroactively scans Mac systems to detect infections. It also protects from unsafe downloads and sketchy email attachments, and additionally protects users from insecure Wi-Fi networks.

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